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GPS Status & Toolbox Pro v4.2.77 APK Free download(

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GPS Status & Toolbox Pro
Requirements:- Android 2.2 and up
Displays GPS and sensor data: position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration, altitude, bearing, pitch, roll and battery state.

Tools included: compass with magnetic and true north, leveling tool, mark or share your location and navigate back later.

Keep your GPS fast: reset it or download A-GPS data regularly for faster fixes.

GPS Status is 100% space proof. Try to spot the program in the video below :)

KNOWN FIRMWARE ISSUES (please do not report them):
- Samsung phones: Because of a firmware bug, they may report extreme battery consumption for GPS Status even if it is not running at all (other programs using sensors are affected too). This is harmless and no power is consumed! Just ignore it and let's hope that a future firmware upgrade will fix this on your phone.
- Droid 3: The initial Droid 3 firmware does not implement the satellite status API so you will not see the satellites and the signal strength bars. The rest of the features should work properly.
- Motorola phones: On some phones, turning your phone to airplane mode will turn off the GPS receiver, too. This is a hardware limitation.
- Droid Charge: Reports 0 altitude.
- LG Optimus: The phone cannot report the satellite SNR values correctly (all signal bars will be maxed out).
- Nexus One/S: With Andoid 2.3 it cannot report NMEA sentences. This means that the DOP/HDOP/VDOP values are not available.

PRO features:
- show/store/edit multiple waypoints and use them on the Radar for navigation.
- pressure, rotation, temperature, humidity values (if supported by the device)
- removed ads

NOTE: To avoid polluting your launcher with redundant icons, start GPS Status using the icon for the plugin (PRO). It will start GPS Status and also will disable itself, so on next phone reboot the icon will disappear.

3D Space Live Wallpaper
Requirements:- Android 2.1 and up
3D Space is a Live Wallpaper that uses the opengl es 2.0 for high performance and better graphics quality.

3D Space.. hover over a realistic moon , with a view of space , a live nebula , a big rotating planet , stars that shine ,
and a sun inside an other nebula.
choose between 5 deferent planets , 4 deferent nebulas , and 4 deferent sun nebulas.
view or not the moon surface you are hovering , change planet speed , sun and stars brightness , and more.

This is the full version of the wallpaper with all settings enabled. support and help us to do more!

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